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This blog used to be called "one year in the life of a short fat runner"; then it was called "Am I a runner? you decide." I've decided running isn't the thing I need to talk about'll come up for sure, but it's just one part of me, so I think I'll just call this blog: Moe, for better or worse.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

it's been a while

and so much has happened. Nothing earth shattering I guess, but big things in my life.

RTB was amazing. Hard, funny, fun, scary, challenging, inspiring, embarrassing...I would do it again in a minute.

Work, well, work has changed. I've alluded to issues there. There is now resolution on that front, but not before I had to fire someone. Let me tell you, that was not a fun day. I've also been demoted, sort of. I wanted it this way, and I now report a colleague I like, trust and think is the right person for me to work with, but it's still hard to give up the responsibility I was given. I do feel like I've failed even if I requested this change. I move out of my office on Monday.

The biggest news is that my mother's cancer appears to have disappeared. Yes, this is good news. Of course it is. But I am not putting all my eggs in the hope basket yet. We found this out recently when my mother had her scans done after she got out of the hospital because of the horrific reaction to had to the chemo she was on. Her doc wanted to get her into another, a different clinical trial, and they ran her scans to get her baseline for the study. He called her a few days later to let her know they declined her for the study...because there was no evidence of cancer on her scans. We're all shocked. We don't know what to think. More waiting and watching...and in the meantime she is still on the horrific chemo that made her so sick, but in a different dosage.

Roberto did well at Open Studios last weekend, even if the weather was rainy and dreary. He always does well so I wasn't surprised.

Two weeks ago, I tripped while running and skinned my knuckles and my knee pretty badly. They're still healing.

Last week, I went to enter our cellar, through our half-sized exterior cellar door, and banged my head so badly, I caused myself a minor concussion. I ended up getting a CT scan on Monday (all clear) and took two days off work (first time I've ever called in sick at my new job.)

Fall's off to an interesting start.


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