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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Addendum to must.stop.worrying: Margaret the seagull

My grandmother, Margaret, loved the ocean and the beach. My mother and I take after her in that respect. My grandmother had leg and back issues her whole life and once told me when she died, she wanted to come back as a seagull (please disregard the issue of my devoutly Catholic Gramma believing in reincarnation...she was Irish...they've got their own thing going on). Her desire to return as a seabird was threefold:

1) she could fly...she would be free of the limitations of her gimpy legs and troubled back

2) she could spend all day, every day at the beach


3) she could poop on people she didn't like.

ah yes. Gramma was a character.

Gramma died about 5 years ago. I was very sad to lose her but she had lived a long time, nearly 93 years, and it was her time to leave this earth.

Except I'm pretty sure she's still earthbound. Well, airbound anyway.

Whenever I am stressed or distraught or anxious...a solitary gull wanders into my view.

Yes, I know I live near the ocean and there are gulls everywhere.

But when I NEED someone...I look up, and there she is...or what I believe is her...and I feel lightened of my burden.

Just a moment ago, I looked into the sidelight of my office door, and saw the view in my window behind me reflected there.

A gull was sitting on the roof of the building across the street looking towards me.

thanks, Gram, for checking in on me.



Blogger Frankie said...

While its not quite the same, since the passing of my grandfather in March I find pennies more often. Whats so unusual about that you ask? I find them right after I had a really good thought about him. Guess thats what they mean by pennies from heaven =)

August 28, 2008 6:42 PM  
Blogger Maria said...

This might help.

Make a list of what worries you. And then tag each item as something in your control or something out of your control. Write those worries that are completely out of your control on a piece of paper and burn it as an offering to Gramma.

August 29, 2008 9:55 AM  

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